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Inattention and hyperactivity symptoms can hinder daily functioning. Seek professional support for effective strategies and improved life functionality.


BPD experiences differ, but consistent emotional turmoil and relationship challenges can benefit from professional support for balance.

Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders


What We Can Do Together

Initial Consultation

Take the first step towards your mental well-being. During your initial 1-hour session, we’ll discuss your therapy goals, explore your reasons for seeking help, and determine if we’re the right fit. We’ll create a customised plan for your journey ahead.

Fee €70.00

Psychotherapy / Counselling

Our therapy sessions last 50 minutes, scheduled weekly. You’ll receive a consistent time slot. We’ll work together to address your concerns and guide you through the psychotherapy process, offering unwavering support. Your dedication is truly valued.

Fee €80.00

Initial ADHD Consultation

Before scheduling an ADHD assessment, we’ll have an initial 1-hour session. We’ll explore your reasons for seeking a diagnosis, assess potential impacts, and consider alternative explanations for the differences you’re experiencing.

Fee €120.00

ADHD Assessment

Our ADHD assessment addresses inattention, disorganisation, and hyperactivity-impulsivity. The assessment spans 3-hour sessions, covering diagnostic interviews, life aspects influenced by ADHD, and input from informants. Afterwards, we provide a report, resources, and recommendations in a follow-up session 4 weeks later.

Booking unavailable.

Ready to Improve Your Mental Well-being?

Our Policy

We firmly believe that every individual deserves access to the highest quality mental health care. Our dedication to this belief drives our daily actions as we provide trusted and compassionate psychological services to those seeking to enhance their mental well-being. Our work policy is meticulously designed to ensure the most effective treatment for you, and we encourage you to actively commit to your journey towards mental wellness.


Cancellation & No-Show Policy

All no-shows and appointments canceled, rescheduled, or changed with less than 48 hours' notice will result in charges to your account equivalent to the scheduled service fee. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting our appointment policies.

Confidentiality Policy

Your discussions with your psychotherapist are held in strict confidence. No information will be disclosed without your written consent, except when required by law. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Payment Options

We provide convenient payment choices to ensure a smooth experience when accessing our mental health services. You can settle your fees securely through PayPal invoices or with cash (if suitable). Payment is typically expected at the time of service, with flexibility available as needed. Feel free to get in touch for assistance.